Can your staff operate in “business-as-usual” mode in the event of a disaster?

Connectnet is here to ensure you have a positive answer to this question for the many circumstances that can define disaster for businesses just like yours. Connectnet is dedicated to delivering peace of mind to you through our comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions. Our highly skilled I.T. and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity experts keep your business safe so that you and your staff are able to continue to deliver your services to your clients and maintain the ability to drive revenue should unexpected business interruptions arise.

What constitutes a disaster for your business?

The circumstances that you as a business owner do not know about can sometimes hurt you the most. Many times business owners consider a disaster to be the result of a random accident or unlikely act of nature such as a storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or fire. Due to the inconsistency and irregularity of these types of events, many business owners roll the dice in the hopes that their business will not be affected – and more often than not, come out ahead despite the unfortunate results of those that gambled and lost. However, business interruption can result from many scenarios:

  • Business interruption due to old equipment running the risk of a system crash
  • Business interruption due to 3rd party vendor software glitches and malfunctions
  • Business interruption due to a 3rd party attack on your internal network
  • Business interruption due to an act of sabotage by a disgruntled employee
  • Business interruption due to an accident or situation that prevents staff from entering your building
Why would these instances be considered disasters?

As a business owner, any situation that prevents your staff from doing business as usual can be deemed a disaster in terms of your ability to drive necessary revenue, execute critical tasks, and communicate with clients as well as prospects. How well prepared are you and your business should any of these situations arise? You don’t have to manage your business with uncertainty – we are here to help!

Did you know…?

According to the analyst firm IDC, about 70% of all successful attacks on computer networks were carried out by employees and insiders!

According to a recent Touché Ross study, the disaster survival rate for companies without a business continuity plan is less than 10%!

International Data Corp. estimates that companies lose an average of $84,000 for every hour of downtime after a disaster!

Do not gamble unnecessarily. Let us provide you the benefits and peace of mind we have for many clients in your area by creating a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan for your business.

Provide your clients, your staff and yourself protection against the unexpected…

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